about HyperTech

Hyper Tech Cellular Research & Training Institute is the leader in innovation among Mobile Phone Technology Institutes. Started in year 2002, the company is continuously rising on the growth chart and setting very high quality standards. Hypertech cellular is promoted by HYPER Group International.

The main objectives of Hypertech cellular are to develop a new cadre of “cellular professionals” through comprehensive and contemporary body of knowledge. Also having a vision to develop wider network in cellular engineering training and services by support of experienced cellular professional backed by advanced information and communication technology.

Hypertech cellular is premier educational institution in India for conducting professional courses in subject related to WAP, WLL, CDMA, GPRS, M-COMMERCE, BLUE TOOTH, WI-FI, WI-MAX.

At present hyper group international having its global level business operation in Money transfer, Fund management, Forex, Pharmaceuticals, Tours and travels, Venture projects and Communication sectors.

Our key objectives

  • To provide global level technical and marketing training in Cellular Technology oriented businesses.
  • To promote and develop Cellular education and training, highlighting the emerging competencies conversing disciplines.
  • To expand role and work area of modern cellular professionals.
  • To develop a body of knowledge about subjects related to cellular technologies and made it available for those seeking challenging carriers in the era of globalization and M-Commerce.
  • To sponsor and support research activities in the field of the cellular technology oriented training and servicing.
  • To develop management professionals through qualitative education, to meet the emerging challenges of the business environment.
  • To build and enhance the professional expertise in related disciplines of various organizations.
  • To assist career planning, development and advancement in cellular service area.
  • To develop entrepreneurial initiative into the promising business opportunities in various technologies and management.
  • To introduce a highly rewarding or profitable field of business environment.