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Users of cellular phones increased from 10,70,603 to 126 million from December 1998 to October 2008 in India respectively. (Ref. GSM statistics by COAL). But cellular phones are not manufactured in India. The growth rate of Mobile phones shows the possibilities of business opportunities related to this industry like sales and service of mobile phones, SIM cards, manufacturing and trading of mobile accessories, spare parts, tools, instruments etc.

We service all types of communication products. Cellular phone, WLL, Fax, Computer interfacing devices, Video phone, Internet Phone, Laptop etc. Hypertech extends its service to give 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Mobile Phone to Computer Interfacing Unit.
  • Mobile phone Multi charger cum Booster.
  • Power Unit cum Battery Tester.
  • Mobile Phone Multi purpose Switch.
  • Mobile phone single directional Antenna.
  • Mobile phone Multi directional Antenna
  • Mobile phone charger.
  • Mobile phone Home Charger.
  • Mobile to Landline Conversion Unit.
  • Mobile to Cordless Conversion Unit.
  • Temperature controlled Soldering Iron.
  • Temperature controlled Digital Hot Air Gun.
  • Complete Tools, Instruments, Spare parts and Accessories.
  • Leather Pouch.
  • Mobile phone Body. Etc.

Mic, Speakers, LCD, Charging regulators, LCD connectors, Battery Connectors, Mic Connectors, Speaker Connectors, Antenna connectors, Sim Locks, Key Pads, Key contact Rubber, Ringer and moreā€¦.

Basically we provide the complete solutions in Mobile Phone services including Technical Training.